14 Parenting Comics That Help This Mom ‘Keep Her Sanity Intact’ – Huffington Post

“Veronika’s Little World” covers many common parenting experiences — from all the frantic rushing around to the useless desire for alone time. Kahrmadji started drawing the comic series earlier this year, and when she started sharing them on social media, she received positive responses from friends and family. “Some of them actually started to share their own similar experiences in the comment section,” she said. Her older daughter especially loved reading the comic strip. 

Kahrmadji said she hopes her comics can bring smiles to people in the throes of parenthood. “By poking fun at some of my own parenting moments, I hope readers will turn some of their own frustrations into funny memories,” she told HuffPost, adding that she’d like her comics to make other parents feel less alone. 

“I’d like to think of the comic strips as something akin to a mothers group where we complain and laugh a little about everyday dealing with our children,” she continued. “We really need a great sense of humor if we want to get through parenthood with our sanity intact!”

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