Childcare providers receive child abuse awareness training – WBAY


More than 70% of children under the age of five in Northeast Wisconsin are cared for outside of the home. Wednesday night, childcare providers got special training about how to recognize and help children who may be victims of sexual abuse.

In a full room at the Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W., childcare providers are having a tough conversation.

“If we don’t have the conversations about child sexual abuse and how to recognize it and what to do about it, who’s keeping our kids safe,” said Jamie Tramte Brassfield, early childhood manager, “and that’s really why we want to do this.”

They watch videos from survivors to understand the impact they can have on a child who needs help.

“One in 10 children are sexually abused,” said Tramte Brassfield, “I think of myself, I have four kids, I have a friend who has six kids, so between the two of us, we have ten kids. That means, it’s one of our kids.”

“It’s extremely important for us to know warning signs and ways to report and make sure the children are safe,” said Katrina Puyleart, center director for Bright Beginnings in West De Pere.

Puyleart made that meeting mandatory for the teachers at Bright Beginnings to help them become more comfortable with the conversation.

“We see the children almost as much as their parents do most of the times,” said Puyleart, “so it’s really important for us to build that rapport with the kids and make them feel comfortable coming to us if something is going on.”

More classes will be available, and can be made available for groups that want to attend.

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