Couple with 8 children removed from their home in court today – Hamilton Journal News

Eight Middletown children were removed from a “horrible” home Monday night, according to Middletown police.

Two officers went to a home in the 2000 block of Tytus Avenue Monday for a well-being check of the children, and after investigating the children were removed, according to the police report obtained by the Journal-News. Butler County Children Services officials were notified.

The two adults in the home, Anthony Gevedon Sr., 43, and Katina Gevedon, 36, were charged with eight counts of child endangering, all misdemeanors, and were transported to the Middletown City Jail, according to the report. They appeared at 9 a.m. today in Middletown Municipal Court and were appointed an attorney.

They are scheduled for have their pre-trial hearing Feb. 3 in Middletown Municipal Court. They remain in jail, according to jail records.

The ages of the eight children range from 5 months to 15 years old.

Middletown police were notified about the possibly neglect/abuse of the children by a staff member at Wildwood Elementary School, according to the police report. The district said any employee must report any suspected neglect of a student, according to the Ohio Revised Code.

When the two Middletown police officers knocked on the door, Anthony Gevedon Sr. answered and shut it behind him, the report said. He initially refused to let officers into his home. He told officers the home was “horrible,” and he didn’t want them to see inside.

Police said inside the residence they saw large appliances, debris, clothing, trash and open food containers leading into a bedroom that had a large mattress on the floor.

There were large piles of dirty clothing leading into the living room, and there were open containers of food, trash and cat feces all over the floor, according to the report.

Police said the upstairs had holes in the walls and broken mattresses. There were no blankets, sheets or pillows in view, police said.

About 1/2-inch to an inch of water was seen coming down the hallway into a bathroom. The bathtub had water in it and the toilet was “extremely dirty” and appeared to be broken, the report said.

There were gnats around inside the home, and cockroaches and flies were visible, police said.

There were about three items in the cupboard, one canned spaghetti and two cans that had no labels. There was very little food in the refrigerator, the report said.

The father told police he was trying to get the home cleaned up.

Their grandmother, who lives in Dayton, was called and she passed her background check, police said. She told police she didn’t have room to care for all eight children.

Butler County Children Services was called and arrived in a transport van with car seats, police said. Bill Morrison, executive director of BCCS, said he didn’t want to comment on the case, but said the agency was ensuring the safety of the children.

The Journal-News called the phone number of the grandmother listed on the police report, but the woman who answered said that was the wrong number.