Fresno State offers Parenting University program – KFSN-TV

Fresno State is trying to help bridge the gap by getting parents in tuned.

In this day and age, our children are learning so much especially when it comes to technology. Using computers and technology is common but for parents, it may be another world.

“I wanted to learn something,” parent Argentina Cueto said. “Technology is the language of my children, and I need to learn the way they are learning.” Cueto is a Fresno parent and recently completed a course called Parenting University through Fresno State.

Cueto says her modern knowledge has come a long way. “My daughter told me we do the homework online,” Cueto said. “I said ‘really?’ Now I understand this is really true.” Cueto was one of the first to complete the Parenting University course on computers and how to use the internet.

The class started with the basics and then progressed to using parent portals and how to do research with their kids for school projects. “We help lay a foundation for digital literacy and they’re able to learn more for themselves, John Gonzalez, with the program, said.

Gonzalez is with the Office of Community and Economic Development through Fresno State, which puts on program. Instructors want to welcome parents from across the Valley to sign up for its next class, which starts January 19.

The 9-week course is twice a week and runs for 2 and a half hours. The course is free if people complete a majority of it. It is taught in English and Spanish. “So, an involved parent means a child that does better in education,” Gonzalez said. “So, if a parent is able to be involved, email the teacher, see how the student is doing in their class assignment or tests then the students will be better equipped to do well in school.”

As for Cueto, she says the investment is priceless. “My dream for my children, they’re going to a university,” she said. “Any place they want, but my goal is they get a career and be happy and successful.”