Judge orders prompt release of immigrant children from detention – Los Angeles Times

A federal judge has once again dealt a blow to the Obama administration’s immigration policies, ordering federal officials to promptly release children held at family detention facilities.

The judge, in a ruling released Friday evening, said that children should not be held for more than 72 hours unless they are a significant flight risk or a danger to themselves and others.

It’s unlikely that a mass release will happen right away, however.

Judge Dolly Gee in Los Angeles gave federal officials until Oct. 23 to comply with her order, and it’s possible the government will appeal her ruling. Department of Homeland Security officials were not immediately available for comment Friday night.

The case centers on 1997 legal settlement — known as the Flores agreement — that set legal requirements for the housing of children seeking asylum or in the country illegally. In July, Gee found that the government had violated that agreement; she repeated that finding Friday.