JACKSON, Ga. — A campaign originally created as a way to pay back the kindness to a state trooper who brought brief happiness to a group of trick-or-treaters has been stopped in its tracks.

On Saturday, the GoFundMe account started by a friend as a way to help give Trooper Nathan Bradley and his soon-to-be wife a honeymoon was shut down.

Bradley was the trooper who made national news when he took several young children on a ride in his patrol car and more on Halloween to help them have a good night – even as only he knew that their parents had just died in a tragic accident earlier in the night.

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He stayed with the children until their grandmother could arrive to take care of them – and deliver the devastating news.

Bradley’s attempts to bring happiness to a group of children on Halloween just before they received such life-changing and sad news garnered the attention of the world.’

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He also started a GoFundMe account for the children which has raised over $430,000 for them.

So at least one friend decided that GoFundMe would be a great way to give back to the financially-strapped young man and his soon-to-be wife by helping them raise money for a honeymoon.

The page says the couple had already decided that they would be unable to have one after their marriage due to financial constraints expected following their dream wedding.

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At last check, the page for Bradley had already collected $1,935 to go toward making this couple’s trip come true.

However, on Saturday, the creator of the page, listed as Erica Allgood, posted an update announcing that all donations would be refunded after it was found that as a state employee, he would not be able to accept the money.

Allgood said on the now-closed GoFundMe account page that her intentions were never to take away from the fundraising effort for the children – merely wanting to pay back the kindness the trooper had shown to a family in their time of need.

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