29 ‘Toy Story’ Secrets That Will Toy With Your Head – Huffington Post

6. Andy’s father’s absence is never explained in any of the “Toy Story” movies. There are no photographs of him in the house, though there are several of Andy, his sister Molly and their mother.

One fan theory posited by Jess Nevins, and later by Jon Negroni in The Huffington Post, suggests that Andy’s father abandoned the family. Nevins explains that if the father died, there would likely be photographs of him around the house. If the parents got divorced and Andy’s mother won custody, it’s unlikely that his every trace would be so deliberately removed from Andy’s life.

This led Nevins to draw the conclusion of paternal abandonment. It would also explain why the family is moving to a smaller home, perhaps facing financial distress after having the father leave them, and why Andy’s mom is not wearing a wedding ring.