Democrats get their day at Illinois fair to rebut Rauner, look ahead to 2016 – Chicago Tribune

Democrats get their day at the Illinois State Fair on Thursday, an opportunity to use the fairgrounds stage to rebut Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner while looking ahead to next year’s election.

Democrats surrendered their right to the fair’s Governor’s Day in November when Rauner became the first Republican elected as the state’s chief executive since 1998. On Wednesday, Rauner used the fair’s soapbox to vilify “Chicago political machine” Democrats under House Speaker Michael Madigan as the cause of the state’s budget impasse.

But Senate Democrats returned the volley Wednesday evening, sending the House an override of a measure Rauner vetoed that would require binding arbitration in lieu of a strike or lockout for current public employee union contracts that expired July 1.

Rauner has proposed a union-weakening agenda as part of any budget compromise. The governor has said he would not lock out state workers and has called the union-backed legislation the “worst” he has seen in trying to take away his administration’s negotiating efforts.