EA Shows Off Massive Dogfights For ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ – Forbes

If there’s one thing that the Star Wars: Battlefront needs to do well, it’s scale. The Star Wars movies are no small stories: these are tales upon which the fate of an entire galaxy hinges, where spaceships are the size of moons and where wizards wield an unknowable and all-powerful magic. The Battlefront series is good at that, with massive battles, even bigger vehicles, and a player cap that can hopefully come close to recreating that sense of the epic that comes across in the original trilogy’s best moments. EA and Dice just showed off “Fighter Squadron” at Gamescom, and it looks to recreate those massive space battles that defined A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, even if the Battlefront will be confined to the air battles with all the gravity that defines our day-to-day life. And yes, you can fly the Millenium Falcon.

Fighter Squadron will feature 20 player dogfights, and if the trailer is any indication, big set-pieces along the lines of Star Destroyers. We can also see Boba Fett’s Slave 1 in addition the Millenium Falcon, and hopefully there will be some more of the series’ iconic hero vehicles aside from the standard suite of Tie fighters and X-Wings. The concept of a 20-player dogfight is a little insane, and I’m very excited to see if DICE can pull this off in a way that feels both true to the movies and actually fun. It’s a very different idea from the land-based large-scale battles that the developer has played around with in the Battlefield series. Watch the trailer below.

As a bonus, we’ve also got another trailer titled “Light vs. Dark.” Not a whole lot of gameplay information here, but we do get a few glimpses into some classic Star Wars moments, whether it’s rebel troops on Endor’s moon or the player character getting ripped apart by a nigh-invincible Darth Vader. And when that AT-AT crashes down into the snow, I do get the feeling that DICE has a handle on that sense of scale that’s going to be so vitally important to making this game work. I can’t help but be irritated by DICE’s constant need to show the Return of the Jedi era Luke Skywalker lightsaber dueling Darth Vader all over the place, though. I’m no canon-obsessed purist, but it just looks weird.

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