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It’s still over a year away, but the long-awaited sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is in the works, and we couldn’t be more excited! The interstellar team of misfits is returning for another romp around the galaxy, and will be meeting some of Marvel’s most interesting characters in the cosmos.

This travels into spoiler territory, so be warned. If you want to remain shielded from any news from the film, you should instead check out this water bear that was able to reproduce after being revived from a 30-year frozen slumber.

Sources close to both Geek.com and production on the film have told us that a fan favorite from the comic books will be making an appearance in the upcoming film: Ego, the Living Planet, is set to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

This is huge — in the way that a sentient planet is actually a huge character the team will have to deal with. Now, most Marvel Cinematic Universe viewers may not know who Ego is, but for comic readers it’s a great treat to bring in one of the most unusual characters in the books, much less that would appear on screen.


Ego, in the most retconned of Marvel comic lore, was a regular old planet hanging out in space doing planet things, when the cosmic being known as The Stranger (basically a crazily powerful space wizard) gave it consciousness. In a search for self, Ego set off to conquer other planets, and that’s when Thor, the God of Thunder stepped in to put an end to Ego’s ambitions of conquest.

At some point, the world eater Galactus took aim at Ego, looking to devour him. Thor returned to Ego, but this time in defense of the giant planet. After defeating Galactus, the two formed a truce and Ego even consented to allowing a group known as The Wanderers, who had been displaced when Galactus destroyed their world, to live on his surface.

The truce didn’t last long, though, as Ego broke descended into madness, consuming the Wanderers. Thor returned — this time with Galactus in tow — to defeat Ego once and for all.

You can see a pattern here. Ego seems like he would make a great Thor villain. So, why put him in Guardians of a Galaxy and not Thor: Ragnarok? Even though we know Ragnarok is going to be a more “cosmic” film, it still centers around the issues of Asgard and the death and rebirth cycle that is Ragnarok. Putting a sentient planet with the ability to talk and manipulate its surface might not fit into the world Taika Waititi is building for the film.

Ego, however, is certainly a character that would fit right in a galaxy with a talking raccoons and a sentient tree-man. He even has a giant planet beard; he’s perfect for Guardians!


In recent years, Ego (alive and well after that encounter with Thor and Galactus, and somewhat reformed) even hired Rocket Raccoon to exterminate an infestation of space lice he was infected with. Thanos also once tried to take over Ego, and Thanos has already appeared in the first Guardians. In the comics, Ego’s “brother” Alter-Ego (yep), another planet created by The Stranger, is held by The Collector (played by none other than Benicio del Toro, who is returning in Guardians 2 according to IMDB).

So, Ego has ties to the Guardians universe. With the absurd and unusual beings we see in that film, including a sentient planet-with-a-beard as a cameo, side character, or even a villain would be a great move on Marvel’s part. And being a character with a limited history in the comics — and virtually no recognition in the mainstream world — the film team has a lot to work and adapt with.

Don’t expect James Gunn to confirm this anytime soon. The director has a noted history of not commenting on spoilers, and has even said on Twitter that he wouldn’t be addressing such things on social media anytime soon. So, until the studios confirm our source (or Ego is seen in official material for the movie), don’t get your hopes up just in case.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out May 5, 2017.

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