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This is a major plot reveal for arguably the biggest introduction of a Marvel character in their films to date. Needless to say, there be spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned.

Marvel’s summer blockbuster is still six months away, but fans are dying to know one missing piece of the Captain America: Civil War puzzle. Where does New York’s wisecracking web-slinger fit into all of this? Spider-Man is going to be fighting with Team Tony (at least at first), a source close to the film told Geek.com. The same source also revealed just how Peter Parker will be introduced.

Marvel and Sony entered into an unprecedented rights-sharing deal to make Spider-Man films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said Peter would make his debut in the third Captain America film, but the biggest speculation would be on just what side Spidey would land.

In the comics, Peter plays an integral part to setting up the sides that form when the Superhero Registration Act is enacted and is the first to unmask himself and side with Tony Stark. In the film, however, events play out quite differently. It looks like Civil War takes place 10 years after the first Iron Man. We know from past interviews with the Russo Brothers we’re not getting another Spider-Man origin story. When we see Peter, he’s 15-years-old and already working as Spidey in some capacity — and this hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Marvel Universe. We even get a nice nod to his vigilantism at the end of Ant-Man, when a reporter tells Falcon (Anthony Mackie) about the different superheroes roaming around the world, “We got guys who jump. We got guys who swing. We got guys who climb up walls.”

It appears that Tony Stark, ever one to keep a watchful eye on the who’s who of the super world, took note of a certain young genius and his superhuman abilities, which makes sense, given all the SHIELD files he had access to. He’s probably been keeping tabs on Peter Parker since he first started his career as a vigilante.

Our source told us is that Tony goes to Peter Parker specifically to recruit him, and to seal the deal, offers him an advanced Spider-suit to fight in — an upgrade from whatever 15-year-old Peter was previously slinging around in. But why would Peter even consider such an offer? “Peter started becoming Spidey because he grew up and idolized Tony,” our source revealed. Since Iron Man takes place 10 years before we meet Peter in Civil War, where Peter is 15, that means Peter was five-years-old when Tony broke onto the scene in the original Iron Man, likely dominating the news as Peter grew into a teenager. If the guy you admire and look up to suddenly shows up on your balcony with a sweet piece of tech and says, “hey, let’s be bros,” are you going to turn him down?

It goes without saying that none of this is set in stone until Marvel confirms or the film comes out, but this fits into what we know of the Civil War story thus far.

One of the biggest questions fans have been asking is what Spider suit we’re going to see — and, so far, this is anyone’s guess.


Is it going to be the traditional red-and-blue, or are we going to see something a bit more high tech? Maybe patterned after Tony’s own red-and-gold color scheme? There’s a lot of hoping amongst fans to see Peter in his Iron Spider armor. It’s a suit Tony built for him, but one Peter ultimately abandons when he changes sides and joins Team America in the Civil War comic series.

It would be pretty bold of Marvel to just go full Iron Spider in Spider-Man’s big MCU debut, but it could be just what they need to separate their Spider-Man from the Sony films. The Russos know how badly the fans want to see what Spider-Man is going to look like, and they keep dropping teases every chance they get. When asked if we would see that red and gold suit, Anthony Russo told Brazilian magazine Super Interstate, “The film will show a mix of what everyone is wanting and a little twist. So yeah, that’s what I can tell.”

One thing that keeps popping up in news and rumor sites is that the first time we see Peter in Spider-action he will be sporting something more street-style, wearing a red-and-blue hoodie. There’s been leaked merchandise pictures floating around of an upcoming hoodie with ties to Marvel, for which Merchoid just released the pre-order.

Chances are we’re going to see something of the classic red-and-blue design at some point. Last year, rumors appeared on Reddit from someone claiming to have seen some of the dailies from the Civil War set, where Spider-Man was added in post during a scene with Captain America, Iron Man, and Falcon. They described the suit’s webbing to be different than the basketball-style we’re used to from the other films. The Redditor noted patches on the arms that stood out, similar to the ones on that Merchoid hoodie. The eye shape was also “highly reflective like glass”


Hoodie, Classic Spidey suit, Iron Spider, it’s all up for grabs what the wall crawler will be sporting. It’s still something on which we can have fun speculating. Knowing which hero is on which team, though, gives a much better explanation for the above concept art — specifically, why everyone gets to a sparring partner except Hawkeye. He can’t just be there to aim an arrow at Iron Man’s butt, right?


We know from trailers and other art that Team Cap consists of Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Sharon Carter, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man. Stepping up for Iron Man is Black Panther, The Vision, Black Widow, and War Machine. It seemed a little unbalanced, with a 6-on-5 matchup. Spider-Man’s addition to the team would even things out. Though, a 15-year-old high school kid would be a bit out of his league going up against even someone like Hawkeye. Maybe a high-tech suit would help quite a bit, regardless of if it’s Iron Spider or just an upgrade to the red-and-blue.

Spider-Man swings into the MCU when Captain America: Civil War hits the screens May 6 this year.

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