Warning! This post contains major spoilers for season 1 of Jessica Jones.

Other than a few vague references to “the city being attacked by aliens” or that one Daredevil cameo that had us all freaking out, Jessica Jones seemed pretty far removed from the Marvel universe of flying men in mechanical suits and super spies. The neo-noir series had some scary moments with “gifted” people (a term that’s not far from what they call mutants in the comics, to be honest), but seemed like mostly stuck with its contained world inside of Hell’s Kitchen.

However, there were a few more references and Easter eggs to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe than you may think. Here is a compilation of all the super winks, mentions and name-drops that we could find.

‘I need a lawyer’

Jeryn Hogarth is a pretty weird name for a woman, right? Well, that’s because she’s a man in the comics.

The gender-bent lawyer is originally associated with Danny Rand, aka Jessica’s soon-to-be Defenders buddy Iron Fist, and had never met Jessica at all in the comics. Hogarth has had a long history in the comics, acting as a shaky ally to Iron Fist and Luke Cage’s Heroes for Hire, and eventually crossing paths with the Avengers themselves.

Our Jeryn may make that crossover to Iron Fist when it comes time for that series to make its Netflix debut. Because everyone needs a good lawyer.

The flag-waver and the big green guy

Jessica Jones never name-dropped the Avengers, but it came pretty close to it several times. Several of the characters — Jessica, Trish, Luke — talk about the “big green guy” or the “flag-waver” (the Hulk and Captain America, obviously), and there are some pretty cute kids running by in a Cap costume in one episode.

But the repercussions of heroes and their consequences continues to make an impact in Jessica Jones, with Hell’s Kitchen still hurting after the alien invasion of 2012, and one particularly nasty rich couple trying to get revenge for a loved one’s death in “the incident” by targeting Jessica.

Give them hell, Patsy

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still don’t like surprises?

Trish Walker was the hero we deserved, and the one that Jessica Jones needed. But her butt-kicking skills may expand beyond just a few brawls with her trainer and fistfights with Will Simpson.

Patricia Walker is the identity of Hellcat, a superhero who began on the comics pages as an Archie-style teen with flaming red hair. But she eventually joined the superpowered ranks, gaining psionic powers and donning a yellow and black supersuit.

The show makes references to her romance comics background, depicting Trish as a former child star who wore a fake red wig and gained fame through a TV show and comics strip.

A sweet dose of Luke Cage

Luke Cage was a main player in Jessica Jones, but he’s going to make the leap to main character in 2016.

Though the show wasn’t all about him, there were some pretty pivotal slivers of his backstory that made it into Jessica Jones. First, his wife Reva Connors, who was revealed to have ties to the experiments that gave Kilgrave his powers, played a small role in the experiments on Luke in the comics. She becomes Luke’s girlfriend at one point and loses her life in the comics as well, but we may still see more of her in Luke Cage.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Luke Cage without him saying his signature cheesy catchphrase, “Sweet Christmas!”

Will Simpson’s explosive personality

What the heck was it with those red and blue pills? These may be hints that Simpson is a test subject in a supersoldier program gone awry. And he may be (or be connected) to a Marvel supervillain named Nuke, known as Frank Simpson (close enough).

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Simpson had some good intentions at the beginning, but we saw how unhinged the drugs that Dr. Kozlov (another minor Marvel character) made him, so who knows when he’ll go off the deep end and ultimately go bad. Hopefully not so bad that he’ll get that American flag tattooed to his face like his comic book counterpart, because that’s just tacky.

A super referral

The briefest of name-drops may give us even more superheroes.

Angela del Toro is one of the incarnations of White Tiger, a superheroine connected with Daredevil. She begins as an FBI agent who inherits a magical amulet that gives her formidable martial arts powers.

Bringing in a little clarity

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#if your reaction wasn’t ‘he…

Claire Temple! The beloved Daredevil night nurse finally showed up in Jessica Jones, and she played a pivotal role in helping Jessica and Luke after they were injured during a fight with Kilgrave. And her hospital, Metro General, is a prime setting for much of Jessica Jones.

She sassed Jessica, healed Luke and mentioned her friend “who makes life hard for bad men,” even offering to call him in for help. Unfortunately she didn’t (Matt!), and let Jessica save the day on her own. She did tell Malcolm that she was no one’s sidekick, despite her constant run-ins with “special people.”

The real hero of Hell’s Kitchen: Claire Temple.

Stan Lee, Marvel employee of the year

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Stan Lee’s Jessica Jones cameo, like a t…

That’s one way to make that obligatory cameo.

And Sergeant Mahoney from Daredevil makes an appearance in that police station too!

A jewel of a costume

We guess the closes Jessica got to wearing a superhero costume was that hoagie outfit, but we got a flash of her comic book costume that she wore as Jewel when Trish showed Jessica a mock-up.

Ah well, maybe season 2?

Seeing purple

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How scared/uncomfortable she looks. :/…

They never call Kilgrave by his comic book namesake, Purple Man, but the show gives pretty heavy-handed hints. The purple suits, the purple lighting, and the awful psychopathic tendencies.

But Kilgrave kind of does become a tad purple when his father injects him with more of his power-enhancing drug, causing his veins to stand out purple against his skin.

That poor door

More of a reference to the Alias comic series than anything MCU-related, but the opening scene to Jessica Jones was a shot-by-shot remake of the first panel of Alias, complete with the smashed window and the wry line, “And then there’s the matter of your bill.”

Malcolm is also a character ripped straight from the comics, but less in personality and looks than the purpose he serves — his comic book equivalent is an annoying high school kid who worships Jessica and keeps trying to get her to hire him at Alias Investigations. The show Malcolm does work for and support Jessica, even taking on a semi-secretarial role at the close of the show.