How to sell comic books when you’re NOT Marvel, DC – CNBC

Now, IDW and others are ramping up efforts to adapt their own properties for television and film.

After watching partners fail to bring projects to pilot, IDW is now taking a larger role in financing productions. In turn, it gets more control over the direction of the series and a bigger share of the profits.

This year, an adaptation of IDW’s supernatural special agent “Wynonna Earp” will premiere on SyFy, and USA Network is developing its modern-day werewolf book, “Brooklyn Animal Control.”

Meanwhile, BOOM! is working with Fox to adapt its breakout female-centered “Lumberjanes” comic into a feature film and teaming with Universal to bring the otherworldly mystery “The Woods” to the small screen.

Back in the comic shop, the competition is heating up. Now that the business model has been proved, securing licenses is getting tougher, said Rybandt.

British publisher Titan Books is new to licensing for comics but has already secured rights to sci-fi classic “Doctor Who” and “Assassin’s Creed,” a popular gaming franchise and soon-to-be film.

“When there’s success, you’re going to have more people trying to get into the pool, and you’re going to have a greater competition when it comes to the licenses,” Sablik said.

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