Kevin Feige on how Marvel’s new Spider-Man will be different, and missing … – Los Angeles Times

There are still a few weeks until “Ant-Man” hits theaters, but it’s not too soon to start wondering about Marvel’s Phase 3 slate of films, which will kick off with “Captain America: Civil War” in 2016.

Marvel recently surprised fans by announcing that William Hurt’s General Thaddeus Ross from “The Incredible Hulk” would appear in “Civil War.”

Tom Holland has been cast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Spider-Man, and of course there is speculation that he will make his MCU debut in “Civil War.”

While talking with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about the upcoming “Ant-Man,” we also chatted a little about the new Spider-Man movie, if there is any truth to the rumors that Ava DuVernay will direct “Black Panther” and what his schedule is like since he is skipping Comic-Con this year.

Can you tease at all Spider-Man’s role in “Civil War”?

No. Everyone takes for granted that he’s in it, but I don’t want people to have false expectations.

How will this Spider-Man be different from the two previous ones?