Lego Jurassic World review – The Guardian

It’s dressed in the trappings of Jurassic World, but this is a Lego game from top to shiny plastic toe, which means you’ll be wandering around smashing everything into its component bricks, before reassembling them into useful machines that eventually lead you to the next area. Arriving on Jurassic Park’s Isla Nublar, you can choose to play through either the original film’s story or that of Jurassic World, in both cases reimagined with a loving silliness through its surprisingly expressive animated mini-figures.

Like past Lego games this is aimed at children (quite how it got a PEGI rating of 7 is a mystery – there’s nothing here a four or five year-old would find even remotely distressing), although adults will find plenty to smile about while helping little ones through tricky sections. It may be painstakingly formulaic, but it’s also made with just as much love and attention to detail as Lego Batman, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings et al.