Parents Are Mad As Hell About This Kids’ Toy – Refinery29

Move over, Tickle Me Elmo: There’s a new toy in town that has won the hearts of children everywhere, and it goes by the name of Bunchems. According to The Wall Street Journal, the ball-like items have made Target’s top-holiday-toy list and are up for Best Activity Toy in the Toy of the Year Awards (raise your hand if you knew that was a thing).

What are they, you ask? They’re described as accessories that can squish, connect, and create, and they’re designed for kids 4 years old and up. “The possibilities are endless with the assorted accessories, which enable your child to add eyes, wings, and other items to bring his or her creations to life,” the Toys “R” Us product description reads.

Seems innocent enough; they basically sound like a soft version of Legos, right? Well, it looks like they’ve quickly turned into a nightmare for parents everywhere. As The Wall Street Journal reports, children are shoving these squishy balls into their hair (as kids do). Due to the toys’ sticky nature, they quickly cause a tangled disaster that involves “an elaborate hours-long extraction that can involve multiple vegetable oils, and hair conditioner, combs, crochet hooks, and even forks,” according to the article.

Naturally, parents are pissed. Real pissed. And they’re taking out their anger in the form of (sometimes hilarious) product reviews. Below, we rounded up some of the best mad-as-hell reactions to what we’re coining Bunchemgate, for your reading pleasure. Are you one of the poor parentals whose kid stuck a bunch of these in their hair? There’s an entire video dedicated to teaching you how to remove them. We can’t decide what’s worse, the days of bowl cuts caused by getting gum in your hair, or this new debacle. What we do know: We’re relieved the only kids in our lives right now are our nieces and nephews.

First, we present to you the visuals.