Some Drippy Days at the Bloomsburg Fair –

BLOOMSBURG –The Bloomsburg Fair happens rain or shine, and this week, Columbia County has had its “fair” share of rain.

Most of the people walking on the fairgrounds are bundled up in coats, and some are even wearing gloves! That’s a big change from last year when most people wore shorts.

Even so, people say it’s tradition to go to the Bloomsburg Fair no matter what the weather. It just made them put on a few extra layers.

“You had to today; it’s colder. We were down for the truck pull it wasn’t quite as cold, but it’s colder today than it was then,” Harold Saxe said.

The cooler weather is a contrast from last year’s sunny skies.

“Much colder and rainy this year, last year it was nice and warm,” Nina Saxe said.

“When I talk to some of my relations up here, this is an old-time Bloomsburg Fair when we used to get real winters and it used to get real cold during this time of year. It’s a little uncomfortable for me but a lot of people like it,” Speros Marinos said.

Some vendors say they are feeling the pinch. Employees at Old Fashioned Birch Beer say cold temperature does nothing for this business.

“The cold, rainy weather isn’t exactly good birch beer drinking weather. But we enjoy the fair anyway,” Gary Houseknecht said.

Some of the vendors are even selling items other than food this year, like Becky’s Soft Serve, who is selling rain ponchos!

“Well, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em! We’re having a little wet weather here at the fair this year,” Becky Divers said.

Becky’s Soft Serve sells ice cream. Owner Becky Divers says not many people want the cool treat in this weather.

“Last year we had wonderful weather. It was warm and for our ice cream business that was wonderful. It’s a little chilly this year. It was great up until about Tuesday when the rain hit,” Divers said.

Even though we are supposed to get rain tomorrow, the vendors we spoke with say they will stick it out and stay put for the last day of the Bloomsburg Fair.