Boba Fett, the famous “Star Wars” bounty hunter, is the inspiration for an intriguing new range of body armor.

The “Star Wars” character is the inspiration behind a new collaboration called Galac-Tac, that brought the likes of AR500 Armor, Heckler & Koch, and others together to replicate Fett’s armor and helmet ensemble.

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The project is generating plenty of social buzz. In earlier posts on their respective Facebook pages, AR500 Armor and Heckler & Koch gave it a shout out for being a trending topic. The ensemble will debut for the public this week at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas according to AR500 Armor’s Facebook page.

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While it is unclear what the costume will run a consumer price wise, the Epoch Times noted that Ryan Flowers, one of the project’s designers, sells similar body armor for $325 and up.