Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Action Millennium Falcon is best toy for … –

That’s before we even get onto the Kellogg’s Star Wars breakfast cereal, R2d2 Bathroom Tidy Gift Set and storm trooper air fresheners.

But, possibly the greatest merchandise of them all is the Battle Action Millennium Falcon, made by Hasbro. It is not cheap, costing £101.99 at Argos, Toys R Us and most major UK toy retailers. At John Lewis it costs £105.97.

The Telegraph’s Harry Wallop holds the new Battle Action Millennium Falcon

But it is a substantial model of the freighter, and includes three 3.75 inch high figures: Chewbacca, Finn (Jakku) the new hero, and BB-8, the droid which has taken over R2-D2 in producing cute bleepy sounds.

Various compartments open to reveal cockpits, secret weapon stashes, and sleeping stations.

The Millennium Falcon model comes with Chewbacca, Finn and BB-8 action figures

It also – fuelled by 2xAA batteries (not included, annoyingly) — makes a substantial number of sound effects. The most awesome is when you pick the Millennium Falcon up from the ground it automatically produces the lift-off sound; tilt it and it will make a different whooshing noise depending on the angle.

The Millennium Falcon is one of Star Wars’ most iconic ships

The most spectacular feature is the Nerf gun (another Hasbro brand) laser blaster which pops up from the body of the Falcon and fires foam Nerf bullets with a push of the button. And another sound effect.

Of all the Star Wars toys, this is the one that has caught my eye — despite its high price. But it is a crowded market.

Based on toy sales between January and October this year, Star Wars is already on course to capture a full 4 per cent of the toy market — equating to £90 million worth of merchandise, according to NPD, the toy research company.