The 9 coolest ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ toys – Fortune

Walt Disney Co.


wants the Force to be with you in every possible corner of the toy aisle.

The owner of Lucasfilm is making a big ballyhoo out of “Force Friday,” as Disney and key licensing partners like Hasbro


and Lego are unveiling scads of new Star Wars goodies that are hitting retail shelves today and will be sold throughout the key retail season.

What will be the biggest hits? That remains to be seen, though Sphero’s BB-8 toy – featured on this list – looks poised to be a breakout star even with its $149 price tag. Lightsabers will be hot sellers of course, as will action figures of all sizes. In total, observers are expecting the film’s gear will become a $1 billion toy brand in U.S. retail alone.

With so much to choose from, Fortune has dug through Force Friday’s offerings and come up with a list of nine toys that are the coolest in the galaxy.