University of Cambridge to hire ‘professor of Lego’ –

The professor will be director of the Research Centre on Play in Education, Development and Learning.

A board of electors will be selected to chose from the candidates for the post whose work must fall “within the general field of the title of the office.”

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In the latest edition of university magazine The Reporter vice-chancellor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz says “he has accepted with gratitude a benefaction of £1.5million from the Lego Foundation, payable over three years, of which both the capital and the income may be used to support a Research Centre on Play in Education, Development, and Learning within the Faculty of Education over the same period.”

It says the Lego Foundation is also “proposing to fund a Lego professorship of play in education, development, and learning with a benefaction of £2.5million”.

A University of Cambridge spokesman said more details will be provided after the proposal has gone before Regent House in October.

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The Lego Foundation owns 25 per cent of Denmark-based toy company Lego.

It describes its aims as being “to make children’s lives better – and communities stronger – by making sure the fundamental value of play is understood, embraced and acted upon.”