The hottest-selling Star Wars toy — Sphero’s BB-8 droid robot — is nearly sold out. Here in Denver, a few stores still have some in stock, including the Bed Bath & Beyond at Cherry Creek Mall.

The chain, which has the droids at all its stores, is part of Disney’s “Force Friday” marketing event to unveil toys and merchandise related to “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” which opens Dec. 18.

But the BB-8 is what customers are calling about.

“It’s very popular, that’s for sure,” said Kim Morgan, Bed Bath & Beyond’s regional customer service manager. “There are still some in the store this morning.”

BB-8 robot toy by Sphero at Bed Bath and Beyond

About 9:30 a.m. Friday, at the Bed Bath & Beyond in Cherry Creek Mall, two of about 20 units had sold, according to a store employee who answered the phone. There were five left by 11 a.m. (And no, you can’t use the 20 percent off coupon.)

The BB-8 droid was selling out in stores worldwide overnight. Paul Berberian, CEO of Boulder-based Sphero, attended the midnight launch of Star Wars toys at the Disney Store in New York’s Times Square. The store’s stock sold out in an hour.

Most online stores reported their stock was sold. Amazon sold out of BB-8s in 13 minutes, Berberian said.

Some resellers on Amazon’s were already trying to sell “new” Sphero BB-8s for $200 to $400. The retail price is $149.

Sphero’s own store sold 10,000 droids within a few hours and sold out its entire stock by 10 a.m. The company won’t say how many were made.

“The initial demand has been unprecedented with Amazon, Best Buy and both sold out online before noon today,” Berberian said from New York. “For Sphero, we really anticipated this to be the hottest toy and knew we had something special, but it is selling out globally.”

Does he expect a sellout?

“I would suggest buying one now while you can. If you can find one in a store,” he said.

Mike Freeman of Littleton spent Friday morning calling retailers before finding a few left for sale at the Barnes & Noble on the 16th Street Mall. There were three still in stock. By the time he got to the store, there was one left.

The toy is a gift for his son, who turns 12 this month.

“I know he’ll love it,” he said. “He already loves watching the video of it.”

Berberian said the toys, which are made overseas, are continuing production and more will be available soon.

The Star Wars BB-8 droid robot from Boulder’s Sphero goes on sale Friday. For retailers, Sphero created special showcases for the shelves. On the

Online, you’ll have to do some serious searching to find some. ThinkGeek has pictures and a message “Coming soon (Late September 2015). However, Marbles The Brain Store still had droids in stock around noon.

Apple stores are expected to begin stocking BB-8 robots Sept. 10, a day after the company is rumored to announce the next iPhone.

Sprint reports that 20 Sprint stores and 23 Radio Shack stores in Colorado will carry the BB-8.

Calls to Disney Stores in the Denver area reported they did not get the robots in stock and the BB-8s are sold out online.

Target and Toys R Us are not carrying the Sphero toy. Target carries a Hasbro version for $80.

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Stores selling sphero’s bb-8

• Apple (starting Sept. 10)

• Barnes & Noble

• Bed Bath & Beyond

• Best Buy (appears to be sold out online and in stores)

• Brookstone

• Disney Store (Colorado stores reported receiving no BB-8s on Friday morning)

• Sprint

• Radio Shack