Wizard World Comic Con Invades Sacramento Convention Center – FOX40


Thousands of fans are heading to the Sacramento Convention Center this weekend to attend the second annual Wizard World Comic Con.

The second year of the event is offering much more than 2014 according to CEO of Wizard World, John Macaluso.  He said the pop culture extravaganza attracted hundreds of new vendors, celebrities and artists.  Macaluso expects Comic Con to impact the Sacramento economy greatly by bringing in millions of dollars through the three days.

Comic book, movie and science fiction fans participating in cosplay, or costuming, said they spend a lot of time perfecting their outfits to show off to other comic lovers.

“Months and months of work, this is all made of foam,” said Jade Fox Cosplay who dawned an outfit from the Halo video games.

Captain America super fan, Jeff Rogers gave his wife the task of sewing his intricate costume and said he even named his son after the fictional character, “I actually fell in love with Captain America,” said Rogers.

This year participants can expect new and exciting activities including the Con Film Festival, where films will be screened and film makers will hold question and answer panels for curious attendees.  There will also be a costume contest Saturday at 5:00 p.m. The winner walks away with a cash prize.

While Saturday’s tickets are limited, Sunday has yet to sell out. Tickets for the day can be purchased at the door.