You Have to See Why Parents Are Beyond Furious With This Hot Holiday Toy – POPSUGAR

If your child has hair, you might want to think twice before buying them one of the trendiest holiday toys this year.

While Bunchems seem harmless and are beloved by many, these small plastic balls do more than just stick together to create creative shapes. They also stick to hair.

These squishy ball-like accessories, made by Spin Master, first hit the shelves in August 2015, and to say that parents are less than pleased with the product is a major understatement. From a bad game of toss to a sibling prank, the toy has ended up in countless heads of hair and the results are the same: multiple hours of struggling to get them out, often time ending in haircuts just to put an end to the tangled mess.

Many angry parents are taking to the Amazon review section in order to not only warn parents about the horrific extraction experiences but also to give tips on how to try and remove the balls as painlessly as possible.

“A toy spawned from the darkest depths of hell: Horrible, horrible, horrible toy for kids,” Ethan Benoit wrote. “I just spent the last two and a half hours (absolutely, 100 percent not an exaggeration) attempting to remove 14 of these bastard balls out of my daughter’s hair. Buy this toy for someone if you hate them or their child.”

The packaging states that Bunchems “are intended only to be adhered to other Bunchems” and the company even released a video to help parents remove the Bunchems from hair, but many don’t think it’s enough. “If I had one wish it would be to throat punch the person that invented these!” A. Wild warned. “My daughter and son were so excited to get these craft balls from hell. Minutes after we got them the kids were having fun throwing them, several landed in my daughter’s hair. She thought it was funny that they stuck, so of course she added more. This is worse than glue, gum and taffy in the hair!”

Some hope that they can avoid any problems if they just watch their kids while playing, but accidents are bound to happen with young children:

“Step away from the Bunchems. Stuck in the carpet, in the dogs hair and don’t even get me started on the kids hair at least I do have boys….They are now bald thanks to these bastards!” another Amazon user cautioned. “It doesn’t matter how much supervision is involved, we are still talking about children. These little demon spawns bring hell to your home!”