Augusta Animal Services Low Cost Microchip and Vaccination Clinic – WJBF-TV

Augusta, Georgia – Hundreds of pets are now vaccinated and Microchipped thanks to Augusta Animal Services. The shelter hosted its quarterly low-cost clinic Saturday.

The vaccinations were $5 and the Microchipping service was $15. This is important to keep your pets healthy and safe in case they were to get loose.

A few years ago Stephanie Adams says she had Microchipped her dog, but when it went missing and was never returned, she feared Microchipping her new puppy.

“He had everything on him. All the information to locate us and we put posters out we even put on there that he was micro chipped,” said pet owner Adams.

But after hearing about Augusta Animal Service’s low-cost clinic she decided to give it another try.

“Yes I do recommend it because these are our babies they are just like our children,” Adams told News Channel 6.

The clinic didn’t just offer Microchipping, but vaccinations as well. Augusta Animal Services says the many positive rabies cases they have seen this year is very much preventable.

“Rabies is a viral infection that is transmitted through contact by blood saliva that sort of thing and it is contagious and is deadly in that there is no cure for it,” said Augusta Animal Services Kennel Operations Manager Priscilla Crisler.

Augusta Animal Services is urging people to keep their pets up-to-date on their shots because these deadly viruses are frequently found in animals across the CSRA.

“One of the reasons we are offering this extra vaccine for the Distemper is to tell people this is in our community we are seeing it obviously because it is in the shelter,” said Crisler.

And Animal Services wants to make sure pet owners complying with the law.

“Well it’s not something that we offer to the public through the shelter on normal business days. They would have to go to their veterinarian and it would cost a little bit more at those clinics, so this is a great opportunity for people to get these services provided for them at a lower cost,” Crisler said.