The annual U.S. News’ Best Children’s Hospitals rankings was released recently, and the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus came in at number nine.

Columbus’ children’s hospital earned 5 points in the ranking system, which was the ninth highest. Boston came in first (20 points) and Philadelphia came in second (19 points).

Columbus’ children’s hospital also has 5 specialties.

More from the U.S. News:

The rankings were built from a lengthy clinical survey sent to selected hospitals and a reputational survey sent to pediatric specialists and subspecialists. RTI International, a North Carolina-based research and consulting firm that also generates the Best Hospitals rankings, directed the surveys and analyzed the results. The clinical survey was sent to 184 pediatric centers. The vast majority of the surveyed centers are members of the Children’s Hospital Association and are either a freestanding children’s hospital or a large, multispecialty pediatric department that functions like a hospital within a hospital. A few other surveyed facilities focus on specialties such as cancer or were included because they were previously ranked or were recommended by trusted sources.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center also made the top 10, at number three.