First round of state-wide pulse polio vaccination drive begins January 17 – Times of India

BENGALURU: Make sure your children below five years of age, get the precious drop of life this Sunday. The first round of statewide Pulse Polio vaccination drive begins is on January 17. As many as 74.25 lakh children below five years age are targeted to be covered under the vaccination drive against polio.

The vaccination drive between 8 am to 5 pm includes door to door outreach programmes. In order to aid the tourists, commuters, and those in transit, the health department also has vaccination facility in railway stations, bus stops, and airport too.

“Irrespective of the previous vaccination given, the parents must make sure that their children below five years are covered under polio vaccination this time too. Three days later we also conduct a door to door survey to make sure that the children were covered under vaccination. The next drive is on February 21,” said U T Khader, health minister.

The last polio case was seen in the state in 2007 near Yeshwanthpur. From then on the state has not seen any polio case, thanks to the world health organization initiative and active workforce. India was declared as a ‘Polio free nation’, in March 2015.

“Polio is still alive in Pakistan, Afghanistan. There may be chances of spreading and hence we got to continue pulse polio vaccination. The government spends Rs 5.44 crore in Karnataka for pulse polio vaccination programme,” Khader added.

There are over 29,000 high risk areas in the state, where mobile units would reach out for effective vaccination drive.

BOX: The statewide pulse polio stats:

Number of booths: 32,617

Number of teams: 51,732

Vaccine workforce: 1,03,464

Supervisors: 6,522

Mobile units: 1,205

Transit teams: 1,736