Friends complete Children’s Hospital toy drive – Daily Journal Online

A little more than two months after nine-year-old Lucy Pace and her 8-year-old friend Kamryn Boyer decided they wanted to do something to help seriously ill children, they have successfully completed their self-appointed task by delivering a huge pile of donated and purchased toys to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

According to Lucy’s mother, Robyn Pace, the girls came up with the idea of donating toys to the hospital after going up and down the street asking neighbors to donate money for “sick kids.”

“They came back in 30 minutes having collected $50 in cash, along with toys, crayons and coloring books,” Pace said. “That’s when the girls decided to hold a toy drive and donate what they collected to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.”

The main reason Lucy has such a keen interest in helping sick children is because her older sister, Madelyn Rose, died at 3 years of age after spending 33 days in the hospital.

The little girl had been born with a rare chromosome disease, developed a seizure disorder and was later diagnosed with cancer.

Lucy and Kamryn held the toy drive in memory of Madelyn Rose who died before either of the girls were born.

“All that Lucy knows about her sister is from the stories that she’s heard,” said Kamryn’s mother, Danielle Boyer.

Pace added, “She’s always wanted to do something in memory of her sister because she wishes she could have met her.”

When asked in July why they decided to hold the toy drive, Kamryn said, “We want to help sick people while they’re in the hospital. We didn’t want them to be bored.”

Last month Lucy and Kamryn dropped off toy drive donation boxes and cans at various locations around St. Francois County. The results, according to Pace, was “remarkable.”

“Personal donations ended up totaling $190 with 79 toys collected,” she said. “Along with that, with the help of local businesses another $621.03 was raised and 206 toys donated.”

For those without a calculator handy, that means Lucy and Kamryn’s toy drive raised a grand total of $811.03 and brought in 285 toys.

“Lucy and Kamryn have been very busy checking all the donation boxes and cans,” Pace said. “They were finally able to take the $811.03 shopping to buy items from the much-needed list for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. That made a final total of 426 toys.”

Now that the toy drive is over, Lucy and Kamryn are offering thanks to all those who helped make it a success.

“We want to thank all the people out there who helped raise money and toys for all the sick kids,” Lucy and Kamryn wrote in a note to all the toy drive donors.

Pace said she wanted to add a “special thank you” to the community and local businesses, as well.

“Thanks for making this possible,” she said. “With the help of Bismarck PLS, Park Hills Rivermart, Bonne Terre BP, Farmington El Tapatio, Parkway Drive C-Barn, Desloge Walmart, Desloge First State Community Bank, Sam Scism Ford, Hunts, Flooring System, Inc., Hub’s Pub and Rosie Nellie’s Boutique & Tea Room — along with our many neighbors, friends and family for all the encouragement, donations and help along the way.”