Low Cost/Free Pet Vaccination Clinics – KOLO

Dogs can keep us healthy by making us just take them for a walk.
For seniors–especially those living alone, a pet companion can be invaluable.

“That companion is really important. And that’s what keeps them going. And sometimes they make the choice not to buy medicine, or purchase food or in some cases, not pay the utility bill. So they do make that hard decision, and that just shows you how important pets are to our seniors,” says Leslie Williams from Washoe County Senior Center.

At low cost shot clinics this past summer, sponsored by Animal Control Services, organizers noticed a similar trend.

Many seniors at clinics had trouble paying for even discount vaccinations.

That’s when they went to the Washoe County Commission for help

“Last week the county commission approved the low cost vaccination program and the senior program for animal services to go out and assist seniors with health care for their pets,” says Bobby Smith with Washoe County Animal Services.

Smith says the low cost vaccination clinics will continue on the first Tuesday of the month from 4:00 to 7:00 at night at Animal Control’s classroom.

There’s also a free senior and pet vaccination clinic scheduled from 10am to 2pm at Hidden Valley on October 13.

And another low cost clinic will take place at Stewart Park on October 17th from 10am to 2pm.

Coming early next year a program for homebound seniors and pets where animal control will visit the house with needed vaccines, general healthcare, and food for the senior’s cat or dog.

We’ll keep you posted when that program gets underway in conjunction with the senior center.

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