Lutherville resident named Maryland’s Pediatrician of the Year – Baltimore Sun

When Baltimore County’s Local Management Board began data-mapping areas of low birth weight, one neighborhood got a red dot — an area of Essex known for its transient, low-income apartment-dwellers, teenage mothers, substance abuse and a lack of churches, grocery stores and community leadership.

That raised the eyebrows of a pediatrician from Lutherville.

“Low birth weight isn’t on anybody’s radar screen,” said Dr. Scott Krugman, chairman of pediatrics at Franklin Square Hospital, the local hospital for the Essex area and the southeast side of the county. But for Krugman and his staff, “it stood out. It was in our backyard. “We felt like we had to do something about it. It’s our community. We feel responsible for the health of our community.”

Now, Krugman is leading the hospital’s efforts to offer breastfeeding classes and other “healthy baby” initiatives in the neighborhood near Deep Creek Elementary School, which he would not identify. He calls the effort “our biggest five-year-goal.”