Mark Zuckerberg Shares Vaccination Photo, Gets Immediate Backlash From Anti … –

Mark Zuckerberg Vaccination

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared what he probably thought was a cute and innocent photo of his daughter Max in a doctor’s office on Friday just as she was about to get her first vaccination shots. Unfortunately, the photo was immediately besieged by thousands of commenters, including some who spoke out against vaccinations.

“Time for vaccines!,” the 31-year-old Facebook CEO captioned the shot. Max, just one-month-old, is wearing a colorful onesie in the pic.

The debate started immediately with some supporting Zuckerberg’s decision.

“Thanks for being responsible!” one commenter wrote. “As someone with autism, with a son with autism, as someone who is constantly watching good people put their own children at serious risk because of old, fraudulent fears of vaccines and autism … thank you for being sensible,” another wrote. “Thank you for doing what’s right and also for showing everyone else that it’s the right thing to do as well.”

Others were not so nice with their responses.

“Do you honestly think that a beautiful healthy newborn baby needs injections of neurological-toxins to become safe for the public?” one concerned person wrote.

“Vaccine is poison for human kind,” another user wrote. “It kills more people than it helps. I wish people don’t take it as an example here.”

Injecting newborns and infants with disease and neurotoxins is disgusting science that injures millions every year,” another woman alleged. “Autism, encephalitis, brain damage, auto immune disorders early onset & late, asthma, allergies, add/ADHD, bipolar disorder, SPD, pandas, Tourette’s… All of these neuro disease in the past 35 years. Do your homework. The only thing these children have in common is the VACCINE SCHEDULE!”

Many people took to rolling their eyes at the fact that the photo was worthy of debate at all.

“It’s kinda sad that we now live in a world in which we congratulate people for vaccinating their kids. Look at how far we have regressed due to science illiteracy,” one user wrote.

Mark Zuckerberg Max

Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan gave birth to little Max on December 1. Zuckerberg hasn’t been shy about documenting his child’s early days on the social media platform, posting Max’s first baby pics shortly after the birth and then following that up with a ‘Star Wars’ themed post to celebrate the launch of ‘The Force Awakens’.

Zuckerberg also used his daughter’s arrival to announce that he plans on giving away up to 99 percent of his Facebook shares to charity and other causes he supports.

Do you have an opinion on vaccinations? Do you think it was right for Zuckerberg to get Max vaccinated at just one-month-old? Sound off in the comments.