DENVER – Children’s Hospital is hard to describe.

Sometimes it’s depressing, sometimes hopeful, often sad, and every now and then fun.

9Who Care Winner Jane Thompson works on bringing fun.

Jane volunteers for the Gabby Krause Foundation, delivering “bags of fun” to patients there.

Gabby, who the foundation is named after, was 6 years old and very sick, much like a lot of kids there now.

When she was at Children’s, Gabbu got a backpack full of toys to help her pass the time while going through treatment.

Before she died from a brain tumor in 2004, it was Gabby’s wish that every child at the hospital have their very own “bag of fun.”

And so her mom started the foundation and it’s been providing the bags to sick kids for 11 years.

Jane says it’s such a wonderful program because she’s able to walk into a hospital room and give the kids “hours and hours of delight,” when most people who walk in give them bad news.

Tammy Krause, Gabby’s mom, says Jane is a very special lady.

“She’s got a busy life,” Tammy said. “She’s got a job, she’s got 4 kids, she’s got a kid in college and a kid getting ready to go to college. Yet she says to me, ‘yes, I want to come deliver bags.'”

She says her reward is seeing the kids light up when they’re going through the backpacks.

Jane also volunteers for other charities.

She works with an orphanage in Haiti, providing donations twice a year so kids can take a field trip to the beach.

She’s worked with Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado, with the Pythian Home, and with Regis Jesuit High School and St. Thomas Moore serving lunch and fund raising.

All of her volunteer work is with kids.

She says it’s because she was so blessed as a child and knows that many times what kids are going through is out of their control.

It’s hard to describe Children’s Hospital, but easy to describe Jane Thompson: loving, passionate and generous.

Congratulations to Jane Thompson, a 9Who Care winner.

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