Zambia: Second Round of HPV Vaccination Begins Today –

Government has directed schools countrywide to cooperate as the second round of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination resumes today.

The HPV is a cervical cancer vaccine and will be administered to girls in schools.

Ministry of General Education spokesperson Hillary Chipango said the ministry had informed all provincial and district offices to cooperate as the administration of the HPV vaccine commenced.

Mr Chipango said the vaccination programme was using a school-based strategy, which is targeting all girls in grade four and out of school girls aged 10 years.

He said it was important that all school administrators countrywide cooperated and helped the girl children access the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

“The programme is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the ministry of General Education. We have directed all schools countrywide to cooperate as the vaccination exercise commences today, the programme is targeting the girls,” he said.

Mr Chipango said parents and teachers should help the girls get their vaccination as the programme was well intended.

He hoped that parents and guardians will respond positively as the move would help eradicate cervical cancer.

He said cervical cancer was the most common cancer affecting women in Zambia, hence the need for cooperation from all stakeholders involved for the successful implementation of the vaccination exercise.

He said the first round of the vaccination exercise in schools was done last year and that this would be the second round for those that accessed the vaccines.

“The same girls that accessed the first round of the vaccine will receive even this time. Let us support and cooperate to help our girls access the vaccines to help eradicate cervical cancer which is affecting our women in Zambia,” he said.