2m Baby Child Kids Safety Safe Table Desk Edge Cushion Protector w/ Tape + 4 Corner Guards Coffee

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  • 1. Beautiful, soft and comfortable
  • 2. Lightweight, durable and practical
  • 3. Flexible and non-slip, it is easy to cut and replace
  • 4. With Cushion adhesive, it has strong adhesion but is easy to clean without remaining sticky residue
  • 5. Dust-free, non-toxic, odorless, safe and eco-friendly

Product Description

How to use:
1. Please ensure the inside of the protective strip and table corner dry before use
2. Cut the strip to a suitable length after measurement
3. Stick the double-sided adhesive tape to the inner side of the protector along the edge
4. Take off the adhesive layer and apply the bar to the desk corner and then press it firmly Clean-up methods: To teach you a way to remove stains on this baby. Squeeze some toothpaste, and then use the cloth is very easy to remove

Product Detail

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