Baby Nasal Aspirator – Quickly and Easily Remove Boogers, Snot and Mucus – Unique Horizontal Hose Design – You Control Suction Level – No Filter Required – BPA Free – More Effective than Bulbs, Syringes, Sprays, Saline, Wipes and Drops!

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  • GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE - This baby nasal aspirator allows you to easily control the suction so you don't end up startling or hurting your baby when removing mucus from his or her clogged up nose. It's more effective than bulbs, syringes, sprays, saline, wipes and drops!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Our new horizontal hose connection keeps mucus from coming back up the tube so you don't have to worry about actually squirting mucus back into your baby's nose!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - You can quickly disassemble this baby nasal aspirator and clean it to prevent mold and mildew buildup, which is common in bulb syringes. So why risk making your baby sick, or sicker, by accidentally squiring mold spores up his or her nose?
  • SAFE - The Baby Giggles Baby Nasal Aspirator is BPA and phthalate free. It is also easy and convenient to use and you control the suction power. As mentioned previously, it is easy to clean to prevent mold buildup. Additionally, it doesn't require a filter, which can be another danger spot for mold and mildew.
  • PROTECTIVE CASE - Order now and your Baby Giggles Baby Nasal Aspirator will come with a protective case for quick, easy storage. Just click the add to cart button on this page to order.

Product Description

Help Your Baby Breathe Freely Again

With Baby Nasal Aspirator

It's one of the inevitable occurrences in a newborn or infant's life, he or she gets sick or suffers from allergies and their nose gets clogged with mucus.

Being unable to breathe through their nose can cause all sorts of problems for baby, including difficulty eating, difficulty using a pacifier and more.

Baby Giggles Baby Nasal Aspirator was created to provide concerned parents with a safe, easy way to remove congestion so that your baby can breathe freely again.

This suction device:

- Is highly effective at removing "boogers," "snot," "mucus"

- Allows you to control the level of suction so you don't startle or hurt your baby

- Is easy to clean to prevent illness causing mold buildup

- Is BPA and phthalate free

-Does not require a filter

So why risk using a bulb syringe that may contain mold and that is not as effective at removing mucus?

Order Baby Giggles Baby Nasal Aspirator today and rest assured that the next time your baby's nose is clogged you will be able to remedy the situation quickly and easily.

In other words, this is the "ultimate snot sucker"

Remember, order now and your baby nasal aspirator will come with a protective case for storage.

Just click add to cart on this page to order.

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