Happy Pee Portable Unisex Kids Boys Girls Urinal Toilet


    • Baby and Kids Children Portable Toilet Potty Urinal 3 Character
    • Portable Potties, Potty
    • Portable Urinal

    Product Description

    Perfect for potty training HappyPee helps potty train your child. Parents know that when their child enjoys something they learn it quicker. HappyPee is designed for children and is like a friendly toy not a new unwelcome piece of equipment. With HappyPee your child is in control and little accidents avoided. Perfect for travelling with children We recommend a HappyPee in your car or travel case just in case of emergencies so that you avoid unsanitory public WC's. Because of its unique concertina design it folds down for easy storage. It also means your child can stay in the car when they have to go and thus their privacy is protected. Perfect for girls and boys HappyPee is unisex. It was designed using female ergonomics and therefore girls will find it as easy to use as boys.

    Product Detail

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