Justmysport Infant Baby Toddler Safety Helmet Headguard Hat Adjustable Safety Protective Harnesses Cap Multicolor

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  • Striking Anti-shock Performance: The infant adjustable safety helmet is made of the environmental-friendly anti-shock foam 1XPE which is non-toxic without bacteria and odor.
  • The material is soft and bacteria-proof. What's more, it has excellent anti-shock performance which can effectively avoid or reduce the damage which is caused by shock to baby's head.
  • Unique Design of Air Permeability: The structure of air permeability banner makes the hat floats upon the baby's head.
  • The air permeability banner is made of soft material. It not only has outstanding performance of air permeability, sweat absorption, bacteria-proof but also anti-shock.
  • Air Permeability Banner: The anti-shock banner and air permeability banner is evenly arranged upon the baby's head. It not only can protect the head of baby, but also improve the performance of air permeability

Product Description

This Infant Protective Hat provide protection to your baby heads from bumps or bruises during their learning stage of sitting, crawling, or walking.
The design provides Lightweight and Sweat-Absorbent Cotton material with breathable and demountable IXPE lining for better shock absorption and impact resistance when baby fell. Hand Washable.
The infant adjustable safety helmet with demountable and moveable visor, when the infant falls forward, the visor can incline towards the face for protection at the moment of touching ground.
The hat has changeable overall style, large adjustable size.When hat is hooked by a certain external force, the magic tape with great stress will loosen automatically to protect the infant.

Applicable age: baby from eight to sixty months
Size: With head circumference of 43cm to 56cm
Main Materials:Facing: 100% Cotton; Lining: 100% Cotton
Filling: multi-functional foaming material IXPE

Package Included:
1 x Baby Adjustable Hat

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