Pediasure 1.5 – Vanilla 24/8 Fluid Ounce Cans – 1 Case Of 24

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Product Description

PediaSure® 1.5 Cal Complete, Balanced Nutrition PEDIASURE 1.5 CAL is a higher*caloric density product designed to meet the energy requirements of pediatric patients who are at risk for malnutrition, require a higher caloric density, or have fluid restrictions. PEDIASURE 1.5 CAL provides a source of Complete, Balanced Nutrition® for children 1 to 13 years of age. May be used as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplement. Formulated for oral or tube feeding. Use under medical supervision. * Caloric value is 1.5 Cal/mL compared to base PediaSure® at 1.0 Cal/mL. ONE NEW Case 24 cans. This baby formula is not expired - the expiration date is 08/01/2015.

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